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Project: Journalism in Ukraine


In the midst of war in Ukraine, the need to support true journalism and disseminate information to the local and global public is of vital importance. We are raising funds to directly support the only local TV channel currently running in Kyiv and to support local media network families while their loved ones remain in Kyiv broadcasting true stories first-hand.

This project directly supports the only news outlet that remains in Kyiv and showcases all of the events that happen during the war first-hand. The resources at this time are limited and this project will provide the funds so desperately needed to show the truth live as well as support media families who right now are displaced as a result of the war.

The broadcasts that are being done will go down in history as they are the only ones who are able to broadcast directly from Kyiv. Their broadcasts will showcase this war for centuries to come. It is extremely hard to tell the truth these days especially when most of the local outlets are out of Ukraine and unable to showcase all of the events that happen in Ukraine. In addition, the support to refugee families will aid greatly during this time of immense suffering.

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